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1. Welcome

You can let your imagination go wild…

  • Contact forms
  • Lead generation forms
  • Surveys
  • Polls
  • Invitations
  • Job application forms
  • Help and guidance
Fobi is a tool that turns Google forms into conversations.
Fobi makes it easy for you to communicate better with users and customers.
With Fobi you can:
  • Turn your Google form into a Chatbot, in a couple of minutes
  • Customize your Chatbot to fit your brand
  • Choose your preferred integration format

2. Create


You can customize the bot to fit your brand, choose your colors, bot size and position, button and bot image.

Customization is offered in the final step of the bot creation process.

After choosing your preferred embedding format (Pop-up/iframe), go on to Step 2 and go through each of the 3 customization tabs.

Short answer: Nope.
Long answer: We want you to have it all, the robustness of Google Forms together with the super easy experience of Fobi. You can even use all the products that already integrate with google forms.

Great question, we are currently working on it!

Stay tuned…

3. Technical

Yes you can!

Right after choosing how you want to embed Fobi on your website, you will have an opportunity to customize the chatbot to your style, change the colors, sizing and formatting to match your brand.

Yes, you can.

Check this link on WordPress Plugin page for more info.

Yes, you can.

If you have entered your email at the last step of the process (Summary page) you should have gotten an email from us with a link for future edit.

If you didn’t find that email or didn’t enter one, just email us a request and we will send you an edit link asap.

4. Results

Your data is secure with Fobi.

The information isn’t stored on our servers, but runs through our pipes and securely transferred to Google Forms.

All answers are waiting for you on your Google Form responses tab, in your Google Drive.

5. Pricing & Support

We will be happy to assist.

Please email us at – [email protected]

Fobi is free!

Good things can happen to you too…

6. General

Not much.

You only need some coding if you intend to integrate it yourself on your website.


We support all mobile, tablets and PCs, as well as all the latest browsers.

Checkout our useful tips


Now that you know how it works, get started!

Cause no one likes filling out forms on the internet